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Heatley continues to pile up the points.

Heatley continues to shine for Ottawa. Man I miss that dude. Hossa is a great player and no doubt Heatley is benefiting from the elevated talent around him as well. Not to confuse Atlanta's struggles with Heatley's departure. As amazing as Heatley is, he doesn't play goalie and that's where the Thrashers have been devastated. I wish we could steal the Dominator for a few weeks. I wonder how much longer it might be before Kari Lehtonen can play again? This goalie by committee rotation is killing the team's chances.

I haven't had NHL Center Ice in about 8 years so I miss getting to see Heatley a lot now that he's in Ottawa. Man, I miss Hockey night in Canada and TSN as well. Sorry, just a random thought. I was reading someone comment on how Terry Crisp (one of the commentators) would butcher cliches (such as, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach him new tricks") and it made me think of Hockey Night in Canada. Barry Melrose used to do the same on NHL2night. Man I REALLY miss that show. My wife used to love to watch it just to see the ugly suits and ties that Barry would wear.
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